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Master of Business Administration in Finance PDF. In Email
Thứ bảy, 24 Tháng 12 2011 02:49

Master of Business Administration in Finance

Apply Now and enjoy the tuition fee as low as only 60% of equivalent MBA Degree Tuition Fee at Stirling

Apply by 20 March 2012 for March 2012 Start in Hanoi. Download Application Form here.


I am pleased to introduce you to the University of Stirling’s  Master of Business Administration in Finance. This programme is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills that are essential for dealing with  business challenges, and prepare you for the challenging and vibrant environment that you will encounter in your future career. This brochure will provide you with further details of the programme, including entry requirements and how to apply.

If you would like further information, or would like to discuss any aspect of the programme or the application  process, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr W B Howieson

Programme Director

Programme Overview

The Stirling MBA in Finance is a new collaboration between Stirling Management School and Foreign Trade University in Hanoi, Vietnam. The programme will be delivered at Foreign Trade University with modules being delivered by academic staff from both institutions.

The programme aims to provide you with the awareness, knowledge, tools and techniques that are essential for dealing with business challenges. The programme offers a critical knowledge of functional areas of business and management along with an appreciation of strategy and the development of responsible management and effective leadership.

Understanding  business in terms of environmental, cultural, social and economic sustainability are central to the Stirling MBA in Finance. These concerns and perspectives are explored in particular in the context of doing business in and with emerging economies, contrasting it with business elsewhere. The taught element of the programme will be followed by the MBA Project which will either be an internship, company-based project or a secondary research dissertation, either in Vietnam or Stirling.

The Stirling MBA in finance aims to enable you to develop the self-awareness, critical thinking skills, leadership skills and team- working competencies that are vital to effective managing. On completion, you will enjoy employment opportunities primarily in for-profit business enterprises, but also in social enterprises and public enterprises. Rating agencies, banking and financial institutions,  business and marketing research institutes are also viable job options.

Programme of Study

The programme comprises two 15-week semesters of taught modules and a three- month dissertation period. The programme will be delivered at Foreign Trade University, Vietnam with modules being delivered by academic staff from both institutions.

Semester One includes:

Advanced Strategy & Leadership: Bringing together leadership theory and practice in a personal challenging environment, this module will expose students to some of the leading leadership thinking to help them develop confidence in their abilities and understanding of their own leadership strengths. Students will also gain an understanding of the needs, contexts and processes involved in strategic management within organisations.

International Business & Emerging Markets: The module will offer a comprehensive look at emerging markets, as they become important players in the global economy. The module will also focus on the strategic challenges and opportunities created by the rapid growth of these markets for firms and government policy in western economies. It will offer a conceptual framework to analyze emerging markets from multiple perspectives: that of constraints and opportunities of indigenous entrepreneurs, multinationals from developed countries tapping into emerging markets for their next growth spurt, and emerging market multinationals as they become global players.

Accounting & Finance: This module will aim to provide foundation knowledge and understanding of the principles of accounting and corporate finance. The accounting section will examine published accounting information from a user’s perspective. The corporate finance section will provide an introduction  to some of the major issues involved in making corporate investment and financing decisions.

Quantitative  methods for Business and Finance: This module will provide students with the statistical and computing skills needed to understand the modern finance literature and to operate in a financial environment. In detail, it will provide a basic understanding of statistical sampling along with its usefulness and meaning; explain linear regression analysis as a business tool using the ordinary least squares method, covering both simple and multiple  regressions; understand the properties of cross-section and time series data; and help students develop and apply these analytic skills using appropriate  software such as Excel.


Semester Two includes:

Decision-making for Responsible Business: This module is designed to introduce students to a broad range of critical and self-reflective material on the role of business in society. It contains a specific business ethics element whereby students are encouraged and supported to examine the relationships between individual, group, organisational and societal ethics and values.

Research Project Management: This module introduces various approaches to researching in the field of business and management. You will be shown how these methods can be used in practice. The module enables students to focus in particular on the research methods and approaches that are best suited to their project

Securities, Futures, and Options: The module will provide an understanding of the uses and the valuation of the main derivative financial instruments: futures, swaps and options. It will cover the trading mechanisms used on derivative markets and explains the fundamental principles underlying the pricing of derivative instruments. Particular attention is paid to the practicalities of using derivative instruments for risk management purposes. The module also provides an introduction to the working of the foreign exchange market and the derivative instruments traded thereon.

Financial Statement Analysis: This module will enable students to develop skills in the interpretation and use of financial statements. For example, to aid in the decision as to whether to buy, hold, or sell a particular firm’s stock. Focussing on company valuation it includes a project in which a small group of 3- 5 students (exact number at module co-ordinators discretion) work together to write, and present, an investment analysis report on a UK quoted company based on the company financial statements  and other publicly-available information. The module will benefit students who are interested in pursuing careers in the city as investment managers, stock brokers, bankers, accountants or consultants.

The taught element of the programme will be followed by the MBA Project which will either be an internship, company-based project or a secondary research dissertation, either in Vietnam or Stirling.

Stirling Management School

Stirling Management School focuses on social, economic, environmental, cultural and thus business responsibility, to challenge and benefit students, businesses and communities. Our research impacts people’s lives by enabling public interests to be identified, understood and realised in Scotland and throughout the world.

World-Leading Research

Stirling Management  School is committed to a research-led approach in all of its activities, and this was endorsed by the results of RAE 2008 (Research Assessment Exercise) with all outputs being rated at an international level, with an impressive proportion deemed to be world leading. Indeed, across all three units of assessment relevant to the School (Accounting and Finance, Economics and Econometrics, and Business and Management studies), 85% of outputs were assessed to be at an international level. Accounting and Finance was ranked 1st equal in Scotland and 5th in the UK, and in Business and Management Studies the School was identified as having world leading activity in Retail Studies; Social Marketing; Public Sector; Consumption, Markets & Cultures; Contemporary Workplaces.

Our Location

Why study at the University of Stirling?

Beautiful campus: ‘Traditionally one of Scotland’s top universities, Stirling’s campus is located in 310 acres of stunning countryside. Where else can you study on the shores of a loch, by an 18th century castle, beneath rolling hills?’ (The Guardian).

An International Institution: Stirling is proud of its diverse international community and extends a warm welcome to students from more than 100 different countries.

Facilities: The University has excellent facilities. Our newly refurbished library is the physical and intellectual heart of the Stirling campus, holding approximately 400,000  books and providing  access to over 31,000 journals and to online library catalogues worldwide. It has a wide range of management textbooks and journals and connections to bibliographies and databases. First class teaching facilities are provided including fully equipped lecture/ seminar rooms and personal computer laboratories. In addition, all students will gain access to the very wide range of sports and social facilities available at the University.

The University of Stirling has one of the best reputations for sport of any UK university and is Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence. We’ve also been selected as a training camp for the 2012 London Olympics.

Supportive Staff: Highly qualified staff working  in related areas of research supervise postgraduate students’ work and offer advice and support.

Friendly Atmosphere: As a medium-sized, campus-based University, Stirling has a strong community feel.

Great  for Sport: The University has some of the finest sports facilities on a single site in the country, including the National Swimming Academy and the Gannochy National Tennis Centre.

Arts Centre: With a lively programme of drama, dance, comedy and music, the recently refurbished MacRobert Arts Centre is based at the heart of the campus. It incorporates a purpose-built movie cinema and theatre.

Ideal location: The historic City of Stirling is a short bus ride from the University campus. The campus is also less than an hour from Glasgow and Edinburgh.

How to Apply

For further information or to request an application form, please contact:

Centre for International Development

Foreign Trade University

91 Chua Lang St., Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel:    + 844 3259 5801/3259 5158 (393)

Fax:   + 844 3834 3605

Email: Địa chỉ email này đã được bảo vệ từ spam bots, bạn cần kích hoạt Javascript để xem nó.


Graduate Admissions

University of Stirling Stirling FK9 4LA

Tel:    + 44 (0) 1786 467046

Fax:   + 44 (0) 1786 466800

Email: Địa chỉ email này đã được bảo vệ từ spam bots, bạn cần kích hoạt Javascript để xem nó. or


General Admissions Requirements

Students should have 2 years work experience and GPA of 7.0. If students have GPA of 8.0, then direct entry will be allowed. In addition, if the student has greater than 5 years senior management experience, the application will be considered on its merits

English Language Requirements

Students will also need to demonstrate English Language proficiency by one of the following: a minimum overall IELTS score  of 6.0, (with at least 5.5 in each skill); or minimum TOEFL scores of: Listening 21, Reading 22, Speaking 23, Writing 21; or FTU institutional TOEFL ITP 550. Proficiency in spoken  English will be assessed by interview; or undertaken previous academic study or a professional qualification taught and assessed wholly in English for a minimum period of 12 months.

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  406. Yêu cầu Tiếng Anh của các chương trình tại CID (29-09-2015)
  407. FS2005 Insurance (29-09-2015)
  408. FS3005 Marketing of Financial Services (29-09-2015)
  409. FS3014 International Finance (29-09-2015)
  410. FS3032 The Capital Market: Investment & Portfolio Management (29-09-2015)
  411. FS3009 Bank Lending (29-09-2015)
  412. FS3P07 Policy Issues in Financial Services (29-09-2015)
  413. FS2002 Banking & International Banking Systems (29-09-2015)
  414. FS3010 Financial Regulation: A European Perspective (29-09-2015)
  415. TOEFL ITP được chấp nhận cho các chương trình liên kết tại CID (24-07-2012)
  416. TOEFL ITP được chấp nhận cho các chương trình liên kết tại CID (29-09-2015)
  417. 10 sinh viên ĐH Ngoại thương nhận học bổng tổng trị giá 1,7 tỷ đồng (24-05-2011)
  418. Đại học Ngoại Thương tuyển cán bộ, giảng viên 2011 (29-09-2015)
  419. Đại học Ngoại Thương tuyển cán bộ, giảng viên 2011 (29-09-2015)
  420. Lịch học (29-09-2015)
  421. Lịch học (29-09-2015)
  422. Lịch học (29-09-2015)
  423. Chương trình liên thông 3+1 Cử nhân Tài chính với Đại học London Metropolitan (Anh Quốc) (29-09-2015)
  424. Chương trình liên thông 3+1 Cử nhân Tài chính với Đại học London Metropolitan (Anh Quốc) (29-09-2015)

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